Top 10 Agency Hiring Tips

Jul 24, 2020

Ever thought about hiring a Facebook ad agency?

The appeal of "off loading" all that work to someone else is strong -- but don't be seduced to quickly!

In this video training we'll be covering the Top 10 Agency Hiring Tips (this is the stuff that you should know ahead of time, that I've learned over the last 10 years running a multi-million dollar ad agency.

If you are considering working with an agency or if you are currently working WITH someone who is running your paid Facebook ads, this will be a MUST watch presentation. 

If you advertise online, you will want to check this out to avoid some of the most common agency MONEY PITS out there.

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The BELT Method Tool Belt

Jul 17, 2020

the top 20 tools that we use to create winning ads and campaigns.

These are the exact tools that we use when running campaigns for our 7 and 8 figure clients, as well as for our own in-house campaigns.

I'm going to show you the tools that I use for:

  • Research and analytics
  • Idea Generation
  • Video Creation
  • Copywriting
  • Image Creation
  • Lead & Customer Management
  • And More...

Download the tools list here:

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Facebook Ad Disapprovals And Disabled Ad Accounts

Jul 03, 2020

Learn about how the Facebook Ads approval system works and how to keep your account in good standing.



Let's talk about ad disapprovals and account closures. Let's learn how the Facebook ad approval system works and how to keep your account in good standing. Now I have three disclaimers. I must read to you. I am not affiliated or funded with any social network. I am not, I don't know Nick and I don't even have stocks. Any of his social networks. This presentation is only meant for educational purposes. I'm sharing what I've learned over the last 10 years of advertising. Having spent over $10million in ad spend this information is subject to change. Doesn't guarantee any earnings results here to imply that you'll be able to duplicate our results and are using the information that's best shared in this presentation.

For example, purposes only results may vary depending on many factors included too, but limited your background experience and work ethic. All business...

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