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From the desk BELT of Curt Maly

March 31, 2020 

Hey everyone!

I wanted to take a second and talk about a few very common misconceptions about Facebook marketing.

I also want to take this opportunity to explain a few things about exactly what the BELT Method is, and how (and why) it helps small businesses compete head to head against anyone, anywhere.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered...

Let’s start with a few common misconceptions about Facebook marketing...

Most marketers assume that if you go straight to the source, you’ll figure out exactly how it works.

Well, most people are wrong.

Curt Maly With The BELT!

If (and that’s a big if) you can get ahold of someone in support, you might find yourself a little surprised at what you hear.

That is one of the biggest misconceptions about FB ads that comes into play…

Misconception #1: ‘They’ know everything

Spoiler alert: They do NOT.

One big question we always ask new BELT students is “How much money are YOU leaving on the table?”

Now, anytime I share my BELT winning strategies with someone who’s run Facebook ads before, I just about always get the same response…


Maybe not *that* exact language, but it’s always a pretty amazed reaction.

They’ll say something like: "What?!? NO WAY! I wasn’t wasting THAT much money, was I??" or ”Woah. I was really leaving THAT much money on the table?!"

Most people feel embarrassed.

Or sad about what they could’ve used that money for.

In fact, a lot of them even get MAD.

Not at me, but at “big blue” for giving them bad information.

I always tell them “hey, it's not your fault - you just don't know what they just don't know?”

Now, here’s where we see the single biggest disconnect between big blue at HQ and media buyers…

Again, we all want to assume that going straight to the source is the best way to verify that a strategy works.

Makes sense, right?


What if i told you that the “account reps” you’re praying will talk to you don’t actually know what they’re talking about?

How can you really be sure that what they’re telling you is accurate?

Think about it…

You’ve got a small support department to handle more than 7 million advertisers.

And that’s not counting the 90 million business pages on their platform...

That’s where the reputation for slow responses comes from.

But did you ever notice how often those slow responses never ‘quite’ seem to solve your issue?

Or even help…

It blows my mind just how often I used to hear a rep give us basic talking points.

It’s almost like they have a big binder full of canned responses to pull from…

Or they give you what sounds like a good answer, but can’t elaborate on it.

Kind of like someone quoting a smart friend but not knowing enough to go deeper, right?

It’s talking points, not support.

It’s basically an office full of “tech savvy” 22 year-olds with a binder full of best practices in front of them taking call after call after call…

They’re wading through a never ending pile of support tickets trying to clear as much of the load as possible.

And if they’re not sure about something, you’re out of luck.

They don’t reassign the ticket to someone who would know better.

Not that there’s even a ticket/case number to pass along…

They simply give the closest answer they can find and move onto the next case.

Does that sound like a formula for success?

They’re basically reading scripts from a book.

Or, maybe they really did hear one of their higher ups say something smart and decided to tell you that.

But you have to ask yourself…

Have these reps ever run an ad themselves?


They’re regurgitating info based off of something someone else told them, not personal experience.

I still remember talking to a rep years ago who insisted on link clicks for audience optimization, not purchase conversions (plus 2 other pieces of really bad advice).

(I’ll talk about why that was a terrible suggestion in a second when we get to the BELT, don’t worry.)

But the thing to focus on right now is that ‘they’ thought it was legitimate...

We’re talking about under-experienced, overworked, entry level support.

Again, that’s not a great formula for success...

If anything, it’s really disturbing, because you have to wonder, if big blue at HQ can’t help you, who can?

Don’t worry…

We’ve got you covered.

Misconception #2: Big Blue support is … supportive?

Let’s assume for just a second that the support over there was exactly what you needed.

That they gave you direct answers to your questions.

That they were speaking from personal experience.

That every answer was specific to your unique situation.

You know…

Actual support.

Now, again, assuming they had real, verified, custom answers to your time-sensitive questions, how much good does that really do for you or your business if you can’t get answers when you need them?

Here’s where we see our next big misconception come up…

Businesses think they can get ad support whenever they want.


Unless you have access to a very specific type of support, you’re out of luck.

Sure, you can email FB support (as long as the support page works for your profile)...

And there’s a live chat feature if you can access it from your account (not available to everyone)...

And a support ticket to review your ad that gives you zero actual feedback about which guidelines you violated.

But there’s no guarantee that you’ll hear back.

And if you do, it may not be for a few weeks.

Which isn’t really helpful during a live launch, right?

I’ll let you in on a little “support secret…”

‘Big Blue at HQ’ has zero obligation to help you.

In fact, there is no service level agreement whatsoever that requires them to even reply to you!

And when you do get a response, 99% of the time it’s going to be one of the support people we talked about before.

Here’s the deal…

Not all Big Blue support is created equal.

There are 3 kinds of support at HQ:

  • Frontline support
  • Account managers
  • Global account executives

Frontline support: Now, we already touched on the frontline support team above. They’re young, weighed down with tickets, and inexperienced when it comes to running ads themselves.

But what I didn't mention is that their job isn't really to offer support.

At least, not in the traditional sense…

Their job is actually to gauge your interest in receiving future support.

Let me explain…

Busy Support Worker

Have you ever seen one of those ads in your newsfeed to schedule a call with their support team directly?

Now, MOST people ignore those ads.

They never schedule a call because they don't need support at that particular time.

But that’s a BIG mistake.

Here’s why…

Your newsfeed is automated, right?

The ads you see are automated.

So the more you interact with a specific ad or ad category, the more the AI knows you’re interested in that subject.

Well, what do you think happens if you constantly skip or ignore their support offer?

If you’re not sure, I’ll break it down.

You’re essentially telling the algorithm two key things:

  1. You don’t want to know how to engage with their ecosystem (or care to learn about it)
  2. You don’t need their help

If you’ve already passed up that opportunity, you might have lost your chance.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

However, if you do happen to see one of those offers in the future, trust me, you want to take it.

This way, you’re setting yourself up for future help from the second type of support...

Account managers: These are the people we generally think of when we talk about dedicated reps.

And that’s correct.

Kind of.

Yes, they’re dedicated reps, and they do know slightly more than the frontline support.

Now, while frontline support touches base with you to offer surface level support or gauge your interest in future support, account managers are the ones who call from time to time to give you actual support on your campaigns, but that’s based on internal data about what they are looking to test and measure for themselves.

It has nothing to do with spend or performance

And if they’re calling based on what they want to test themselves, then how do we know whether what they suggest is accurate? Or effective?

So yes, they’re dedicated reps. But guess what?

You only get them for 3 months.

And that 3 months starts when they get your ticket, not when they eventually call you.

By that time, you may only have just a few weeks left with them (and you’d be lucky to get another call in).

So what happens after 3 months is up?

If you’re thinking that they assign you a new account manager, think again.

When that support window closes, there’s no replacement assigned to you.

There’s no handoff of any kind.

When that support window closes, you have to start all over again.

How much progress can you expect to make if you’re starting over every few months with a brand new rep every time?

And again, because there’s no ticket or case numbers, and no handoff, you have to spend a big chunk of your call explaining your situation to the new rep all over again.

Hopefully you take good notes and document everything, because speaking from personal experience, that can be extremely time consuming and frustrating.

It’s a vicious cycle that just seems to repeat itself over and over and over again.

Unless you somehow manage to get to the extremely rare third type of support… the global account executive.

Global account executives: These “unicorns” are the holy grail of support at Big Blue.

They’re extremely knowledgeable…

They make themselves available to you for weekly calls.

And they give you actionable insights into what’s actually going on behind the scenes.

Placeholder Image

These GAE 'unicorns' are so rare that 99% of advertisers will never even come across one.

That’s unfortunate because they provide deep info from Big Blue to directly support their clients.

Now, again, very few businesses have access to that level of support.

People generally associate GAEs with massive companies like Coca-Cola, Proctor & Gamble, Samsung, and Apple.

But here’s something interesting about these reps…

They are not assigned based on ad spend or performance.

They have to choose you.

Unfortunately, no one knows what the requirements are to be chosen…

Doesn’t matter how much you spend, you can’t buy one.

It has nothing to do with size, price, or performance.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered.

That’s because we have our own dedicated rep, and we’ve been working together for a while now.

But again, it had nothing to do with spend.

After testing $10's of millions in ads, the only reason we get this exclusive benefit is because the rep has objectives that need to be tested, and we help them do that.

Think about that for a second.

If you spent 8 figures on a yacht...

Or a helicopter…

Or real estate or cars.

You’d get a phone call.

You’d probably even get a gift basket or direct access to a high up person if you ever need anything.

But here, you can only get a regular call if you manage to get a global account executive who wants to use you to test new ideas.

Though, if they need our help to test new strategies and ideas, how reliable is the information you get from the less experienced support reps?

And how do you verify that info?

Especially when you can’t get an answer in the middle of a launch.

Or outside traditional 9-5 hours.

And you have to keep starting over every time something goes wrong.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In just a second, I’ll show you the easiest way to verify their info and separate the good suggestions from the bad advice.

But first, let’s talk about one last common misconception…

Misconception #3: Standard practices are best practices.

What People Think About Facebook Ads

Look, I get it.

Basic media buying 101, right?

Show your ad to enough people and you’ll generate clicks and sales, right?

Standard stuff, right?

Get the click, get the sale.

Except..It's wrong!

And it's a perfect example of why standard practices are not best practices.

The truth is that capturing a lead or a sale is about showing the right ad to the right person at the right time.

And it can get messy.

Placeholder Image

The truth is that what you think you know doesn’t work anymore. You have to rethink your metrics.

Especially if all you’re focused on is getting clicks.

Clicks can be extremely misleading.

So why do so many businesses focus on them exclusively?

Because they’ve been brainwashed by outdated practices that are still held up as the standard to aim for.

All you’re doing is catching people’s attention with an ad, which sounds like the goal, right?

Except it’s not.

Yes, we obviously want people to click on our ads and engage with them.

Key word? Engage.

We want qualified leads, not people who wanted to see more of the image you used that had nothing to do with your offer.

We want people who relate to the ad’s message, and we want them to see that message when it’ll resonate with them the most.

Reach the right people.

With the right message.

At exactly the right time.

The ultimate goal is to create evangelists; lifetime customers who tell everyone how great your business is.

Now, if you can break free of “standard” thinking, you can do exactly that.

The results you get will blow you away...

And with the BELT Method we've got you covered!

"If you know about it, you have a clear advantage over your competition! I like advantages."



The BELT Method isn’t just an award winning Facebook ads strategy…

It’s a lot more than that.

The BELT is the best Facebook ad strategy in the world, backed by the most well-rounded support in the world.

Both of which are critical for your success.

I can tell you that from first-hand experience after being in digital marketing for more than a decade.

Now, more than 10 years as an internet marketer may sound impressive...

Curt teaching the BELT Method

And I’m extremely proud of that accomplishment, don’t get me wrong.

However, there are plenty of brilliant people who’ve been around the industry longer than I have..

What sets me, and what sets the BELT apart from the rest is that we’ve actually been running Facebook ads for more than a decade!

THAT is pretty rare.

We were one of the earliest adopters, running our first Facebook ad in December of 2010.

The results were SO good that we switched to full time media buying just one year later after we passed the $1m mark.

Now, I point this out because that’s 10 years of developing the BELT Method directly within Facebook.

That’s 10 years (and tens of millions of dollars) of testing the BELT directly inside of Facebook.

That’s a decade of discovering what works -- and more importantly, what doesn’t work...

A decade of working with (and coaching) clients through trial and error.

And more changes and algorithm updates than i can even count...

But that all led to the single most proven Facebook ad strategy in the world: the BELT Method...

When implemented properly, the BELT Method just plain works.

It doesn’t matter if Big Blue makes tweaks or changes to their algorithm, the BELT still performs.

That is SO important as newsfeeds keep getting more and more crowded with the millions of advertisers who still practice broken, expensive, and outdated strategies.

It’s getting more and more difficult to stand out if you don’t have a proven, effective long term strategy like the BELT that you can leverage.

That’s the reason so many advertisers continue to flush money down the toilet with a bad ad strategy instead of trying to do things the right way.

They still associate more ad spend with more clicks, and more clicks with more conversions.

The bad news is that this continuously raises ad costs for everyone -- unless you’re prepared, of course… 

Placeholder Image

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The BELT lets you go head to head against these big spenders and come out on top.

Let’s go back to a 37,000 foot view for a second.

Sure, there may be 7 million advertisers on the platform, but for 99% of us, there’s really only 1 option when it comes to running campaigns…

Campaign optimizations.

Big or small, we’re all forced into automation,

And that’s where we have a huge advantage.

That’s because the vast majority of these advertisers continue to use old strategies that don’t work with this new technology, while the BELT leverages the tech to actually make our campaigns more effective.

Remember, the other guys still emphasize a point to point ad model that relies on clicks as the main KPI.

And while they focus on link clicks instead of purchase conversions, the BELT adapts and thrives.

‘They’ will pay for leads.

‘We’ don’t even care about capturing leads.

Hold on, let me explain…

Obviously we care about leads, but the key is to first build a relationship with our leads, which makes it easier (and cheaper) to grab a more qualified lead.

Take a look at our numbers from January 2020.

Placeholder Image

Instead of asking cold leads for their email in order to watch our content top of funnel, we just gave it away and posted our videos with no lead grab at all.

Crazy, right?

Except… cold leads watched the entire video for just $X.XX

2500 people watched the entire TOF presentation.

Do you know how much would it cost to have 2500 leads watch that same content?

And that’s assuming they watch half the presentation.

Meanwhile, it cost us just $900 to get double the amount of people to watch the entire presentation.

And sure, video views aren’t leads, but this way, the leads who wanted to engage with us took extra steps (on their own) and joined our free group.

And because of that, people poured into that group and chose to give us their emails -- at a fraction of the cost of trying to capture those leads up front.

And those are highly qualified, highly engaged, and overall awesome people we’re talking about.

After all, that’s where the majority of people reading this breakdown came from...maybe even you!

Plus, we captured more than just emails.

Over 1,000 people joined the free group.

Of those thousand, more than half opted into messenger notifications.

And 118 of our new friends wanted us to have their phone numbers.

So which is more valuable, getting an unqualified email address or having someone choose to consume your content for pennies on the dollar?

That all depends on if you have an effective strategy I suppose.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

To be clear, this isn’t one of those “results not typical” situations.

Sooooo many of our BELT graduates implemented our methodology and continue to produce phenomenal, consistent results in their own campaigns.

Here's what a few of them have to say about the BELT Method...

What BELT Method Alumni Are Saying About The Method...


What’s the difference between BELT Method graduates and traditional advertisers?

Traditional advertiser keep chasing things that don’t matter while it only costs us $0.37 to have someone watch 30 minutes of video in middle of funnel..

With this methodology you don’t need to play a numbers game.

Your smaller, more qualified audience can go head to head with anyone, anywhere

In fact, it’s so effective that we were getting a 29% conversion rate for buyers on an affiliate offer for someone else’s product!

Placeholder Image

There’s no other strategy that comes close to the BELT Method.

That’s why I use it daily to test and verify the information I get from our global account executive every week, because our goal is to produce this same level of results for our clients and BELT framily.

Now, let’s back up for just a second.

I rarely talk about WHY we call it from the Framily.

Many times people think that I misspelled something.

But let’s be clear, it’s correct.

Sure, I misspell things from time to time. I'm a passionate thinker, and my mind often works more quickly than I can type.

That leads to typos.

But never with Framily.

You see, Family support around here comes from family and friends who are just like family.

Hence the term framily.

We have one of the best strategies in the world, but our Framily is the secret sauce that ties it all together.

These are some of the best marketers in the world, and they’re committed to helping each other implement the BELT at every stage of the customer journey (in any funnel).

That framily is at the heart of the BELT Method’s curriculum.

They’re here to support your unique journey and situation. That’s why they’re all part of the BELT premium group.

Now, I won’t name names, but you might be surprised at who’s studying and supporting the BELT. Once you join the group, you can see some of the marketing legends who are learning and implementing alongside you.

They’re not just part of the group, but are actively engaged in it.

They answer questions, network, engage, and teach our students.

And they’ll do the same for you when you take advantage of this open enrollment period and join the BELT Method today.

"As I started applying the BELT Method, my clarity went through the roof and my confidence in what I was doing and “the big why” behind everything got much clearer. "

"For someone considering joining the Framaly when they open the doors, I’d say don’t wait… JUMP ALL IN, FAST! The investment was very reasonable compared to all the money I’ve spent on my previous bad strategies and campaigns.

-Corey T.


You can’t even get access to many of these experts, and the ones you can reach out to charge thousands just to determine whether or not they’ll even work with you.

That’s why joining the next digital BELT workshop is such a rare opportunity. It gives you real support from real experts -- not just talking points from a binder.

And that support is arguably the most well-rounded, ongoing support network in the world.

That’s because our experts help in every phase of your marketing journey, not just ads.

Yes, you can watch over my shoulder and ask questions while I set up and run my own ads in my own actual ad account.

And yes, I’ll walk you step by step through how to set up your accounts to get better leads at lower costs (even if you’re only spending $10 a day).

But what about after that?

What about before that?

Time for an ugly truth bomb ...

Most offers are really bad.

We use the term “ugly baby” to describe a broken offer.

Funny name, but serious topic.

We call these offers ugly babies because no one ever sees their baby as ugly. They love the baby too much.

Now, if your offer is an ugly baby, would you know?

The problem with an ugly baby is that it’s so easy to blame the traffic instead of the offer because of how much work you put into making it.

You don’t want the offer to be broken, so you look for any other reason it’s not converting.

That often leads people to continuously revamp ad campaigns over and over again, instead of fixing the actual problem.

All this does is add gasoline to a fire that could turn your ad budget to ashes in the blink of an eye (even though the problem might have nothing at all to do with your ads).

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The BELT Method gives you the best ad strategy in the world.

Now imagine some of the world’s top marketing experts supporting you in every other phase of your funnel.

  • Copy...
  • Messaging...
  • Branding…
  • Strategy…
  • Funnel design…
  • Tracking…

Whatever you’re struggling with.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In fact, we’ve designed this program to teach you the BELT Method inside and out, then help you implement with the expert guidance you need at the exact time you need it.

For example, every new BELT student gets the opportunity to review your funnel strategy and messaging with our in-house copy wizard Itay Bengal. This way, you can turn your potential ugly baby into a smooth and seamless funnel that converts leads and generates sales -- BEFORE you dump money into realizing your baby needs a makeover.

Itay built his own copywriting agency and is also the senior marketing strategist for a $40M media buying agency.

That means that all funnels and creative run through him.

We looooove it when our BELT students work with Itay because he places such a huge focus on market research.

After one call with him, you’ll know whether your baby is ready to shine, or needs an overhaul (and exactly needs work).

Plus, he’ll share his personal templates and checklists to help you identify red flags from potential clients and offers, and how to most effectively and efficiently deal with clients.

Itay’s experience makes him uniquely suited to get your funnel ready to convert, and his passion for teaching and helping others makes him framily.

And he’s just the tip of the iceberg...

Itay will help you get started, but again, he’s just ONE of our Framily experts who are here to teach and support you.

The BELT Method gives you an opportunity to learn directly from industry legends like Ron Lynch, the $4 billion man.

Ron was responsible for campaigns that produced more than $4B in revenue for household brands like Samsung, GoPro, and the George Foreman Grill.

You will discover Ron's simple formula for telling stories that engage and convert leads, you may never look at content creation the same way ever again.

Other experts in our Framily include industry legend Mike Dillard, who literally wrote the book on internet marketing!

If you never heard us talk about it, Mike is actually the man responsible for inspiring me to join this industry in the first place!

I can’t tell you what an honor it is to have him join us to share his unparalleled knowledge and experience in all things marketing,

Then there’s the one and only Jesse Elder, who will reveal the exact step by step process he used to quickly build a highly engaged following of hundreds of thousands of evangelists -- and explains what to do with a thriving brand once you’ve reached that mountain top.

Jesse is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. His brilliant mind and generous soul can shift your entire mindset and help rewire your thought process to quickly and effectively find success.

That mental shift perfectly aligns with the BELT, simplifying the award winning methodology and making it even easier to implement into your business immediately.

Then, to make sure you can properly implement the various pieces of your funnel, all BELT students get a one-on-one technical audit with our resident techie, Nicholas Bridges.

Once your messaging and creatives are ready, Nick will help make sure that all the technical pieces of your funnel are ready for traffic.

His knowledge of systems, processes, and tools can help you identify where you’re losing leads, and why.

After your call with Nick, you’ll understand the best way to install proper tracking, and why so many people get it wrong.

He’ll help you map out your pixels to design highly effective retargeting campaigns, and walk you through the installation process to make sure everything is exactly where it needs to be to ensure you collect the valuable data you need to power future marketing efforts..

You’ll get the exact tools and checklists that Nick uses to set up funnels for our clients and our own offers, and walk away knowing that your data will be more accurate and effective than ever before.

Now, installing the tools to collect visitor data is important, but it’s worthless if you don’t know how to read that data, or what metrics REALLY matter the most (and which metrics you should ignore).

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

That’s where Chris Mercer shines.

Mercer is regarded as one of the (if not the #1) leading marketing analytics experts in the world.

What makes Mercer special is his ability to take a complicated, messy, intimidating subject and explain it so that anyone can use their data to make simple micro-optimizations that add up to big improvements and improved conversions across your entire funnel.

The data visualization tools and templates he shares with our Framily members can deliver a huge boost to any marketing strategy, which is why he’s the go-to resource for many major corporations.

Look, this can go on and on and on.

Moral of the story, you won’t find more experienced and well rounded support anywhere else.

Our graduates will tell you the same exact thing.

"It gave me confidence...working with Curt and his team!"

"Being able to use the methodology behind the BELT Method allowed me to test creatives for pennies...that's HUGE! Bottom line it lowered our Cost-Per-Acquisition for my weight-loss client, which is amazing!

-Paulina  P.


Here’s everything that’s included with the 
BELT Method:

Whether you are a full-time marketer, digital agency owner, or solo-preneur running traffic for your own business - the BELT Method will provide you with the digital advertising strategies that you need to take your business to new heights.

There are 10 core learning modules delivered inside of the BELT Method Member's area.

Each module includes an assessment that unlocks the next module, to ensure  that you absorb and implement the tasks taught in each lesson.

You will also have access to a comprehensive library of bonus trainings, advanced trainings and Q&A sessions to help you execute the strategies.

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Module 1: Deep Dive Into The BELT Method

Deep-dive into the BELT Method and discover the new customer journey and learn how aligning your message and objectives for your audience at the right time can reduce your acquisition costs by up to 80%! 

Placeholder Image

Module 2: Tracking & Audience Targeting

Identify the core audiences that have the highest propensity to purchase your product or service and monitor their activity throughout your sales funnel with the Facebook pixel.

Placeholder Image

Module 3: Ad Content & Copywriting

Deep dive into ad content and ad copy that resonates with your audience. We’ll also show you the simple online tools and resources that we use to source great relevant content.

Placeholder Image

Module 4: Recorded Video & Facebook LIVE

Learn to create easy video content that provides great engagement at a very low cost. We’ll also show you how to use Facebook LIVE to promote your products, services, and events.

Placeholder Image

Module 5: The Golden Ads Strategy & Reports

This is the exact step-by-step strategy we use with clients & students that is proven to drive relevance scores up, ad costs down & establish a predictable & scalable ad model!

Placeholder Image

Module 6: The Invisible List - a.k.a. The HOT28

Build audiences of your hottest prospects automatically and discover how to deliver them the perfect marketing messages at the perfect time!

Placeholder Image

Module 7: The Dollar A Day Ad Strategy

Learn to test your audiences and content using this little known and inexpensive ad strategy.

Placeholder Image

Module 8: Conversion Optimization & The Power5

Discover Facebook’s tactics for transforming ad performance and scaling across the Facebook Family of Apps, including everyone’s favorite CBO.

Placeholder Image

Module 9: Putting The Method Together

We'll put everything you have learned together and discover how to evaluate which campaigns and assets are performing the best.

Placeholder Image

Module 10: Campaign Scaling & Next Steps

We’ve covered the method and the strategies, now it’s time to scale. Next we will show you the next steps to take your business to the next level!

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BONUS: Curated Genius Network Trainings

9+ expert presentations from previous BELT Method live workshops on copywriting, branding, LinkedIn, Snapchat, analytics, email marketing, and more

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BONUS: Weekly LIVE Q&A Calls With Curt Maly

Weekly live Question and Answer calls with Curt and his team to answer your BELT Method questions, analyze your offers & campaigns, and help you to implement.

Plus Gain Access To Our Premium Facebook Group

For dozens of additional training videos and over-the-shoulder walkthroughs, interact with current BELT Method students and alumni, access expert advice on copy, funnels, tracking, ad campaigns, and more...

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Stuck At Home Summit


Access ALL of the Stuck At Home Online Summit speaker videos immediately inside of your BELT Method member's area. This is not available anywhere else!

With The BELT Method We've Got You Covered!

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With the BELT Method you’ll learn strategies that allow you to outperform your competitors every single time and level up your campaigns to set yourself up for consistent winning results!

I'm going to teach you to win - the same way that I won the Masters Of Marketing Championship BELT!

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  • All 10 BELT Method Virtual Training Modules (a $5,000 Value)
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  • All 10 BELT Method Virtual Training Modules (a $5,000 Value)
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  • Genius Guest Trainings (a $2,000 Value)
  • 2020 Access to Premium Facebook Group  (a $1,200 Value)
  • Instant Access to BELT Method Unit Trainings  (a $997 Value)
  • Over a dozen Over-The-Shoulder live BELT Method campaign build videos that walk you through an entire BELT Method campaign build and the results that it generated. (a $999 Value)
  • PLUS Get unlimited access to all of the Stuck At Home Online Summit Recordings.

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  • All 10 BELT Method Virtual Training Modules (a $5,000 Value)
  • Live Office Hours Support  calls Twice Per Week  (a $1,200 Value)
  • Genius Guest Trainings (a $2,000 Value)
  • 2020 Access to Premium Facebook Group  (a $1,200 Value)
  • Instant Access to BELT Method Unit Trainings  (a $997 Value)
  • Over a dozen Over-The-Shoulder live BELT Method campaign build videos that walk you through an entire BELT Method campaign build and the results that it generated. (a $999 Value)
  • PLUS Get unlimited access to all of the Stuck At Home Online Summit Recordings.

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-Frank Kern


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